Best Game Development Software : A beginner’s guide

Sai Ashish

A total geek. Always keep my ear to towards computer technologies and an aspiring neophiliac.

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2 Responses

  1. Malik singh says:

    This article helped me to start gaming development, thank u sai ashish. Can you please describe the unity more.i want to develop mobile games.firstly I want to know the base of gaming development.please help me ashish!

    • Sai Ashish says:

      Hello Malik!
      Unity is a Dynamic Game Engine, where you develop the games using object-oriented approach. SO you need to learn C# first(C, C++ knowledge helpful too), after that integrating with Unity GUI will be simple.

      For mobile games, i’d suggest you also learn Core JAVA(for Android) and Swift Programming(for macOS).
      If you take a look at the number of ways and programming languages through which games are being developed, it could be overwhelming.

      Don’t try to learn everything at once and imperfectly, select a platform for which you want to develop the game, start learning the suggested itinerary for that platform.

      Good Luck.

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