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Snapdragon might lose its throne ! 0

Snapdragon might lose its throne !

TERSEINFO: Snapdragon has been reigning  over all other processor makers.  At least,  in terms of variety it brings to the table.  It’s  also because of good platforms which it powers. It has always been...

Polymail 1

Polymail:Manage multiple email accounts in iPhone

TerseInfo: Polymail is one the mail provider which enables us to take command over multiple email providers.This is the application with slight extra functionality comparing to other email providers.It provides the best super user functionalities...

Pixel 0

Google Pixel and iPhone7 face off

The two phones namely Google pixel and iPhone 7 which are the top competitors in the market nowadays are the top most selling phones, the only thing is that it is keeping the clients...

iPhone X 4


Here is a little information about the brand new iPhone 8 which in turn named as iPhone X. Where ‘X’ resembles the roman numeral of their 10th Anniversary celebrations.They publish this special featured mobile...